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Concrete Quality

• The concrete mix is finely selected and hand strained to achieve optium bonding with our propriety add mixtures. In addition to glassfiber, we also use glassfiber net to achieve the next level of surface strength and structural agility.

• The top is hollow with supporting ribs at critical, well-calculated locations. It is strong, but has the ability to stretch due to temperature and humidity change. You can feel confidence to place this table outdoor with minimal maintenance.

• We use 5 counter-rotating polishing head to achieve an exceptional uniform flat and smooth surface. You will be amazed what concrete can serve you in an artful form of a table.

• We seal our tops with three steps. First we harden the surface, then apply a coat to close the pores. After all dried, we gently polish the surface and spray a seal coat. You only need to clean the table with soapy water, no chemical.


Is the surface stain resistant? The table surface is treated with hardener and two extra coats of protection and seal. It does not absord colors. But need to be careful of not leaving acidic material such as mustard overnight. Surface is safe to leave food. Use soapy water to clean.

Will the table be able to be outside all year even with freezing temperatures? Yes, it can live outdoor in the extreme cold or hot because it stretches and contracts evenly due to its relatively thin overall wall thickness. This is possible because the concrete is reinforced by glassfiber.

Heat resistance? It does not burn, but ciggarett leaves burn mark if you leave burning ciggarette on the table.

Impact resistance? Very good at impact resistance since the concrete is actually a concrete composite. Best of both world, hard, tough but not brittle. We even add more glassfiber layers to achieve the next level of impact resistance.