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Concrete Outdoor Patio Coffee Table
Concrete Outdoor Patio Coffee Table
Concrete Outdoor Patio Coffee Table
Concrete Outdoor Patio Coffee Table
Concrete Outdoor Patio Coffee Table
BENTON designs

Concrete Outdoor Patio Coffee Table

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Be creative and have fun with this modern concrete coffee table. You can place it anywhere and use the center planter to decorate or for utility.

Our tables are individually cast using a custom high strength concrete mix with glassfiber for exceptional strength. The top surface are polished to a uniform smooth but lightly textured finish. Each table is treated with three coats of finish to seal the concrete for durable indoor and outdoor.

• Light weight concrete composite for natural beauty and durable for outdoor
• Table height: 16"
• Planter: 5" square and
• Metal base is powder coated black. Anti-rust for outdoor


  • Table dimensions 
  • Base material (metal or wood)
  • Color
  • Umbrella hole
  • Trough with lid


Is the surface stain resistant?
The table surface is treated with hardener and two extra coats of protection and seal. It does not absord colors. But need to be careful of not leaving acidic material such as mustard overnight. Surface is safe to leave food. Use soapy water to clean.

Will the table be able to be outside all year even with freezing temperatures?
Yes, it can live outdoor in the extreme cold or hot because it stretches and contracts evenly due to its relatively thin overall wall thickness. This is possible because the concrete is reinforced by glassfiber.

Heat resistance?
It does not burn, but ciggarett leaves burn mark if you leave burning ciggarette on the table.

Impact resistance?
Very good at impact resistance since the concrete is actually a concrete composite. Best of both world, hard, tough but not brittle. We even add more glassfiber layers to achieve the next level of impact resistance.